About us

Centrifuge – Your Trusted Advisor

Centrifuge LLC is a Big Data and Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Cloud Services and Application Development professional services organization focused on providing solutions with real business value.

Centrifuge helps ensure the success of your company’s initiatives with a talented, global team of developers, project managers, business analysts and data management specialists who serve as trusted advisors to your executive management team.

Authentic Partnerships for Objective Counsel

We provide a customer-focused approach to building authentic partnerships with our clients with objective counsel from concept to deployment for a consistent voice through your dynamic IT environment.

We understand that your success is our success, giving Centrifuge a true incentive to help improve your decision making, business processes, and customer experience. We want to become a trusted partner to your organization by driving value through your data. Let’s grow together.

Your Centrifuge Team

  • Centrifuge has developers, project managers, business analysts and data management professionals who specialize in Business Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud computing and Application Development.
  • Our experienced consultants have an average of over 10 years of IT experience, in addition to an expanding team of diverse and highly talented data management professionals.
  • We are located around the world and ready to go where your next project takes us.

There Wherever You Need Us

  • Onsite – Team members work side by side with your team members.  We’re literally in the next cube over.
  • Remote – Our team can work in our offices and meet with the appropriate team members on an as needed basis.
  • Offshore – We work with our team members abroad so we can make progress on the project after normal business hours in the U.S.